Starbucks In Dubai


 Yes! there is a Starbucks in Dubai Mall and another one in the airport.  So those craving for a Starbucks coffee while you are in Dubai, fear not for you can get your coffee at the biggest mall in Dubai.  But for those who’ve been traveling to Dubai for a long time now, I’m sure you would have already known that Starbucks has been around since 2013, if i am not wrong.  The drinks and food are almost the same in terms of menu variation and food seems pretty good especially their carrot cake with frosting.

Traveling & Shopping


Shopping and traveling goes hand in hand, but have you seen someone carrying a  fender cd140s  home all the way from United States?  Yes !  that’s my spouse !  crazy much I asked him.  But for the love of music and the son, he had to bring it home with him and no one was stopping him.

So what do one do if you have an expensive item that you want to bring home to your country , I hear you asking?  Usually, we never get stopped by custom or get taxed for bringing in one or two big items but it’s the carrying it in the airplane that is quite a headache unless you are booked on a first class seat.  So what do one do if you are in situation like that?  The spouse usually have it as a carry on , although quite inconvenient, he feels it’s a lot safer and won’t get damage.

But for those things that you can wrapped and boxed and throw into the conveyor belt, you have to try and get insurance for them.  The baggage  people at the airport are not the most gentlest people, they just want to get their jobs done, so damages is expected and if you don’t want to bring home a broken guitar or vase or china, it is best to carry it with you on the airplane.

Traveling With Young Kids


For anyone who haven’t traveled with kids, I’m sure it can be quite stressful.  I was the same way too , so you are not alone.  I found that giving them their own luggage to take care of and/or  a backpack for them to carry all their little toys, a small pillow, water bottle and some airplane snacks is a must.  I found a personalized backpack  for my little one for her trip to Disney World this summer and you should see how happy she was.  We planned what to place into her backpack and how she is held responsible for it, this will get her all prepared for her trip this summer.  Can’t wait !

Starbucks In China Temple


Surprise ! surprise !  found a starbuck in one of the temples in China , Jinlin.  But one shouldn’t be too surprised to be honest because Starbucks had infiltrated into China for a long time now.  I think their first Starbucks was in Beijing if I am not wrong, right in the Forbidden City.

In fact, they have more Starbucks in China then in Canada !

Japan Airlines Food


I used to love Singapore airline for everything because I’m biased since I’m a Singaporean but after migrating to Canada and taking various airlines besides Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines, I’ve learned that I loved Japan Airline the most.

 Japan Airline does have the best food regardless if you were in first class, business class or economy class.  And they definitely don’t only served instant noodles for long haul flights like Cathay Pacific.  I once took Cathay Pacific from Toronto to Hong Kong and the served cup noodles for a midnight snack *slap forehead*.

I also have to recommend Japan Airline’s economy class because their seats seems to be a lot wider than most airlines thus making it more comfy for people who are going on long haul.  United Airlines was pretty good with its seat some 20 years ago, but I find that the airplane are getting a lot older now.  What do you think?  what are your experiences?

Traveling With Music Equipments


Recently, we had an interesting incident at the airport, whereby we had to bring some of our musical instrument through the airport custom and we didn’t know that we had to check them in first and cannot take them along with us on the plane like a hand luggage.  We didn’t have a lot of instruments with us but since the boys were playing in a concert with a church we were visiting, we brought a long a  Ableton Software  as well.

So folks remember , the next time you travel through the airport with musical instruments, make sure you check them in and before that, pack them up really proper and don’t be like us having to find boxes and packing material at the airport.  Not fun at all!


Affordable Winter Getaways


Winter has thus far been wicked for us here in Canada.  I think we are getting whipped lashed by Mother Nature.   And for those who wants to get out of Canada and outta this freezing cold, I don’t blame you at all.  If I could, I would want to go to , alas !  work awaits but that doesn’t mean that I cannot share some of my cheap and affordable getaway for this wicked winter.

Like many of you would already know, that the most affordable winter getaways has gotta be in Cuba, Mexico and the Dominican.  For about $1200 on a good day, you can get to stay somewhere in the warm for 2 weeks , food, flight and accommodation included.  That to me is a pretty good deal , if I may say.  But of course, deals like that don’t come by often.  But have no fear, if you are planning to only spend one week in the warmth, you can still find great deals for less than $1000 on good days.  There are many travel agency that offers great deals , you just have to keep checking for them and have y our passport and luggage ready to leave in a day or two notice.


Alternatively, Orlando is another good spot to be in for their flights are so cheap, you can almost laugh at all the good deals you find daily.  So theme parks with your kids or without would be fun for everyone especially during March break, they would love it.  Keep in touch with your favorite local travel agent , and they will sure to inform you about any great deals that may come their way.


 And cruises may be another brief holiday to go for to get away from the cold.  I’ve seen some good deals online as well.  Don’t forget to check it out.

Inflight Internet


A Singapore Airline passenger made news when he was charged US $1, 142.47 for internet usage in the air.   So folks , if you are thinking of using the internet while you are flying, make sure you know the charges because obviously some people still don’t know how expensive it can get.  Almost all airline charge for wifi services but if you are flying the emirate airline, they believe that internet services is an added service, therefore, the first 10 MB is free and subsequent MB are like $1 for every 600 MB.  So if you absolutely must use the internet while flying choose Emirates airline instead, else be prepared to pay a hefty sum.

modern hononlulu


Located on the Oahu Island, this is truly one of the best hotels that I’ve been to around the world.  Not only is the beach nearby, the front desk, concierge and room service were very hospitable. They had the most welcoming smile and welcome drinks were given to us as soon as we arrived into the hotel.  There was no delay in the check in and we were quickly ushered to our rooms.


The hotel was clean and amenities were sufficient for our entire stay.


We had a small balcony and we woke up every day with the sun.


The hotel and staff were excellent, they went beyond their call of duty to assist us and we had plenty of cocktails and drinks around the pool and bar. I definitely will come back again, we hardly scratch the surface of the island even though we were there for 7 days.