Gift Shopping While Traveling

 When one is traveling for a vacation , friends and family expect you to bring back a small souvenir , so gift shopping is a must in our family.   Sometimes, it’s hard to buy everyone something because our schedule is usually so tight and when you have children with you during your vacation, you know that you need to pay attention to them.  In the event when we can’t get anything or forget to bring home something, we usually get some  tall shot glasses from – custom  made just for those that we absolutely must bring back something like the boss and the secretary.

I like that we can personalize them the way we want to and have them mail it directly to you.  I also find that getting custom made shot glasses made for weddings or even a company’s annual dinner is a great idea and especially for those who have a long service award during our annual dinner.  This place that I know, accepts small orders as well as big ones and I loved that you can even ask them to print out an inside joke that you want to share with that special friend or family member.

They make good housewarming gifts as well , since you can print the family name on the glasses and present them to your host.  Or a wedding date with candies in them instead of a piece of cake when you are inviting someone for your wedding.  Just customize it the way you want , order a dozen or 2 it is entirely up to you.

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