Flea Market Gems


Flea markets are a blast to go to when one is traveling in the United States.  The spouse and I would spend hours during the weekend hunting down flea markets when we didn’t have the kid yet.  But these days, it’s hard to lug her along because kids just don’t find any fun in hunting through old things.  But once in a while when the spouse and I can find time to go alone to the flea markets, we can find some really good stuff.  Once we found a  dean 4 string bass  and of course, the spouse had to buy it but the seller was selling it for way too much, he can buy one for new at about the same price.  So the spouse didn’t buy it but luckily we found one that was new and at a good price.  The fun of flea markets is to find gems at a very cheap price but if everything else fails, you at least have fun seeing all the cool stuff.

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