Traveling & Shopping


Shopping and traveling goes hand in hand, but have you seen someone carrying a  fender cd140s  home all the way from United States?  Yes !  that’s my spouse !  crazy much I asked him.  But for the love of music and the son, he had to bring it home with him and no one was stopping him.

So what do one do if you have an expensive item that you want to bring home to your country , I hear you asking?  Usually, we never get stopped by custom or get taxed for bringing in one or two big items but it’s the carrying it in the airplane that is quite a headache unless you are booked on a first class seat.  So what do one do if you are in situation like that?  The spouse usually have it as a carry on , although quite inconvenient, he feels it’s a lot safer and won’t get damage.

But for those things that you can wrapped and boxed and throw into the conveyor belt, you have to try and get insurance for them.  The baggage  people at the airport are not the most gentlest people, they just want to get their jobs done, so damages is expected and if you don’t want to bring home a broken guitar or vase or china, it is best to carry it with you on the airplane.

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