Live Concerts In New York City

Every year around the time when the weather gets warmer , my girlfriends and I would try and get to New York for some shopping as well as concerts and one year , we watched Taylor Swift Live in New York.  She was playing the banjo that year and we were all surprised and didn’t think she knew how to play the banjo.  Of course , we found out that the  top selling deering banjo at Musiciansfriend  was one of the places one can get your banjos and more if you so inclined and I would find out quickly that I needed one for one of my kids.  She saw our video taping of the concert and wanted to learn how to play the banjo too.  She said , if  Taylor Swift can do it , so can she !

Vacation Shopping

We scored some vox amps while traveling in the United States only to find that one can get even better deal at  vox amps at  .  So my advice while traveling on vacation , do not buy what you see immediately but check around for if I had known earlier that I can get the Vox Amps online , I would have preferred to buy new ones for a   birthday present.

Many a times , while one is on vacation mode , we tend to over buy and over spent , and if you are anything like me , you will come home and regret it because 9 out of 10 times , you can find them online and at a better deal and the newest model .  The variety that one can find online is massive , so if you ever go on vacation with me and I’m not buying anything , you know why.

Music Shopping


Bringing back home musical instruments from the States can be quite tricky but if you are only carrying a  MF’s radial engineering  for your son, then I don’t think custom is going to stop you for it.  But I’ve had people bring into the country with all kinds of musical instruments while traveling and think that they didn’t have to pay taxes.

So if you are traveling in the United States and see all kinds of musical instruments and accessories to bring home , make sure you buy in moderation , else shop online because I’m sure they can shipped to you from anywhere.

Hong Kong Eats


Cured goose liver.  And Hong Kong Yung Kee at Central has the best , so everyone said.  So one has to try it while you are in Hong Kong.  Located at Hong Kong, Central, Wellington St, 32-40?, Yung Kee Building, Hong Kong,  most people come for their roasted goose but there is more I heard from the grapevine from Yung Kee.  Try the double boil abalone soup as well as the lava like century egg.  Food was excellent and consistent and that is why we pay so much for the food in Yung Kee.   It was really expensive but I hear that steam fish in Hong Kong is very expensive and eating at Yung Kee was a lot more expensive than most places that we’ve been to.


Goose meat , which was excellent as expected and for those who haven’t tried goose meet , it taste a bit like duck meat ?  Some may say I’m wrong , but the plum sauce with the goose meat were excellent.


Goose meat , goose liver and all kinds of yummy Chinese sausages.


Lava thousand century egg.  Menu is in Chinese only and the service staff don’t speak a lot of English , it was quite surprising for us.

Mixing Console


I don’t like telling our relatives that we are going on vacation because as soon as they know about it, they usually have a list of things for us to bring back for them.  And as Asian, we usually do not ask for money in return for the gifts that we bring back, which is quite silly.  So when we heard that the brother in law was going to USA for vacation with the entire family, we decided that he should get the son something that he had been looking for from the USA for a long time now.  So we sent him on a hunt for a  digidesign control 24  in the United States and hopefully, he will bring it back for my son.  If he hand carries it from the States, I don’t think he will be taxed for it, so we are keeping our fingers crossed and of course, we will pay for it.

Beautiful Santorini Greek Islands


Santorini is on of the best places to be in when you visit Greece, of course, I didn’t go to Santorini the first time I was in Greece.  I visited a smaller town with my then boss but I cannot remember what was the name of the town now.  There are many direct flights from Athens to Santorini , so it is one of the most popular places to stay during one’s vacation.


Of course , everyone has to see the Caldera View and once you take in this breath-taking view, you probably don’t want to leave Santorini anymore.



Flea Market Gems


Flea markets are a blast to go to when one is traveling in the United States.  The spouse and I would spend hours during the weekend hunting down flea markets when we didn’t have the kid yet.  But these days, it’s hard to lug her along because kids just don’t find any fun in hunting through old things.  But once in a while when the spouse and I can find time to go alone to the flea markets, we can find some really good stuff.  Once we found a  dean 4 string bass  and of course, the spouse had to buy it but the seller was selling it for way too much, he can buy one for new at about the same price.  So the spouse didn’t buy it but luckily we found one that was new and at a good price.  The fun of flea markets is to find gems at a very cheap price but if everything else fails, you at least have fun seeing all the cool stuff.

Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort


Located at  Kalia Road, Honolulu, Oahu, some say this resort is over-rated while others said this place is under-rated.  For those who have been to Wakiki, I’m sure you will feel the same way as I, this is a beach paradise.   I was also skeptical after reading so many reviews online but as soon as I arrived at the resort, I felt so awesome because everyone was so attentive during my private check in.   Paying the extra for a private check in was the way to go , especially if you have kids with you.

Our room had the Ocean view and they upgraded us immediately seeing that we had children with us.  The resort has a private pool, so you don’t have to worry that your children may be in any danger.   The poolside serves food and drinks and my kids just loved spending the day at the pool , swimming, suntanning and eating.  If you didn’t want to eat at the pool, there are plenty of other options.

Now what I didn’t like about the resort , which may not be their fault , is having to pay for the lounge chair.  I didn’t mind forking out for the lounge chair but it just seems so weird to have to pay , if it was for tipping, I would gladly tip because generally when we go for vacation, we tip plenty.  But it was only a few minutes walk to the beach and one shouldn’t really complain, so it was only a minor hiccup for us.

Gift Shopping While Traveling

 When one is traveling for a vacation , friends and family expect you to bring back a small souvenir , so gift shopping is a must in our family.   Sometimes, it’s hard to buy everyone something because our schedule is usually so tight and when you have children with you during your vacation, you know that you need to pay attention to them.  In the event when we can’t get anything or forget to bring home something, we usually get some  tall shot glasses from – custom  made just for those that we absolutely must bring back something like the boss and the secretary.

I like that we can personalize them the way we want to and have them mail it directly to you.  I also find that getting custom made shot glasses made for weddings or even a company’s annual dinner is a great idea and especially for those who have a long service award during our annual dinner.  This place that I know, accepts small orders as well as big ones and I loved that you can even ask them to print out an inside joke that you want to share with that special friend or family member.

They make good housewarming gifts as well , since you can print the family name on the glasses and present them to your host.  Or a wedding date with candies in them instead of a piece of cake when you are inviting someone for your wedding.  Just customize it the way you want , order a dozen or 2 it is entirely up to you.